Our Philosophy

At R. McGhee & Associates, we believe in creating exemplary, timeless design.

An Innovative Design Solution

A key first step in creating exemplary design is to understand the client, the program, and the site to be able to translate this knowledge into innovative design solutions. An innovative design solution may be a fresh insight or simply be a time-tested response applied in a new way.

At R. McGhee & Associates, we believe buildings are created for a context. Seeking to understand that context is an important part of our design philosophy and process.

shaping communities through architecture

Our understanding of the physical and social context surrounding a building compels us to look carefully at the impact an architectural solution will have on that community. We approach design problems with an open mind, seeking a path that leads to long term, sustainable, durable and constructible answers to site challenges.

urban design analysis

Our focus on urban design analysis is another key component of our design process. Our knowledge of and sensitivity to the cultural and social history of a site is frequently the key to successfully identifying the critical and distinguishing conditions that will impact building and site design decisions.

integrated, interactive design process

Our integrated, interactive design process is a lens through which our team can examine the various opportunities and challenges presented by the program, building and site in order to develop the right solutions to project issues..

context is the key

In particular we are adept at utilizing adjacent context, particularly sites with historic significance, as precedent to help guide us toward a design solution. Although we are skilled in working with historic buildings, we do not superimpose contemporary or traditional design philosophies on our work. New technologies and new ways to be efficient, sustainable and resource conscious are part of our daily vocabulary.